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trellosb 06-09-03 10:41 AM

Red Hat 9.0+Kernel problem with nvnet
hello.i have RH 9.0 Linux with a kernel which has been customized.

after the successful compilation of the new kernel ethernet card cannot be recognized.
i downloaded
NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0256.tar.gzd and 0248 but i have errors during the make and mae install.

the problem seems to be in nvnet.o file.

i am trying to find a solution or the file nvnet.o compiled for kernel beacuse my file is compiled for an older kernel.

belanger 06-11-03 01:35 AM

Well, you were quite light on the details, but I have a similar setup that I was able to get working.

I assume you installed the 18.9 kernel via Redhat RPM for both source and binary. Assuming that went well, try to rpmbuild --rebuild the nforce driver set.


It dies with Error 2 or something like that. From there, you have to do the following:

# cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/nforce/nvnet
# make clean
# make
# make install

Assuming all goes well, reboot. Kudzu, if you haven't been smart enough to disable it will appear asking you to configure the new card. Assuming you had the card configured correctly prior to the upgrade, you can skip this step and it should just work.

Don't bother trying to get nvaudio to compile. Nothing has worked for me.

Good luck,

trellosb 06-12-03 09:57 AM

i did it plenty of times, but it didn't work.

can you send me your nvnet.o file
compiled for 2.4.20-13.9 kernel.

i will put it to /lib/modules/2.4....../drivers/net
and try to solve my problem


my email is :


belanger 06-12-03 12:48 PM

New nFORCE release!
nVidia has posted a new set of nForce drivers dated 6/11. They built and installed flawlessly for RH9. They also offer binary versions on their site.

I'd consider this thread closed.

trellosb 06-13-03 04:46 AM

i have 2.4.20-18.9 kernel.

i have problem and with the new drivers.

please send me your nvnet.o file compiled for this kernel.

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