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amdfanatyk 04-01-09 10:34 AM

180 doesn't load since BETA
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vmap allocation failed: use vmalloc=<size> to increase size.
Increasing vmalloc results in NOTHING.

zander 04-01-09 10:54 AM

Re: 180 doesn't load since BETA
Please be more specific about when this problem was introduced. Please also see http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree8...kva_exhaustion.

amdfanatyk 04-01-09 11:16 AM

Re: 180 doesn't load since BETA
How can I be more specific?! As You can see module compiles successfully and then fails to load. I've read README and tried to increase vmalloc and use uppermem with no result. Now I use patched version of 177.82. Why patched? Because without patch it doesn't compile and work along with 2.6.28 kernel. The solution to this is to fix what has been screwed up between 177.82 and first 180 beta release because neither 180 beta nor 180.44 work.

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