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Caffeinebot 06-09-03 04:38 PM

System hangs/lockups AGP 4x mode
Ok guys, heres my problem..I install the nvidia drivers on my comp (self compiled by the script) and when I restart to startx up again, I get screen freezes.
If I go in and turn off agp I don't get any lockups. If I changed to agpgart I get em and if I change to nvidia's mode I get less, but still its pretty unstable. If I tone down the AGP rate to 2x I get fine results, but bad wine/cs performance..
My specs are...
Slackware 9
AMD athlon 1.4gz
600megs o' ram
80gig maxtor drive
Mobo: Amptron K7- 810LM (http://amptron.com/html/MB-K7-810clm6.html)
Geforce 440 mx card 64megs
My driver version is 4368
my video card bios version is:
My log file is avaliable at:Http://wildenforcers.com/nerve/XFree86.0.log
My xf86config file is located at:
If anyone can help me get 4x mode I would be eternaly grateful!

Thunderbird 06-10-03 02:28 AM

First the performance difference between 2x and 4x is about zero, so enabling it doesn't help much.

Second various "old" p3/athlon motherboards based on for example Via chipsets don't like 4x AGP much and can be very unstable when using it. It seems your mobo is one of the victims and there is nothing you can do about it.

Wine is a quite special piece of software. You can't compare the results you get on Wine with windows performance since useally it is a lot slower because of various reasons. If you get a framerate of 30fps or higher you should already be happy.... (one thing that could improve performance is the right sound driver for your board that supports mmap sound (dma sound) but I'm not going to explain all that .. you need to enable some option for it in wine ..)

Big_Z 06-10-03 11:10 AM

Pulled from the README:

__________________________________________________ ________________________

__________________________________________________ ________________________

The following tips may help stabilize problematic ALI systems:

o Disable TURBO AGP MODE in the BIOS.

o When using a P5A upgrade to BIOS Revision 1002 BETA 2.

o When using 1007, 1007A or 1009 adjust the IO Recovery Time to
4 cycles.

o AGP is disabled by default on some ALi chipsets (ALi1541, ALi1647)
to work around severe system stability problems with these chipsets.
See the comments for NVreg_EnableALiAGP in os-registry.c to force
AGP on anyway.

Thunderbird 06-10-03 11:52 AM

The part about Ali chipsets is related to their old Socket7 chipsets with problematic AGP.

Dr0Zz 06-10-03 02:11 PM

and d00d to add a little to what was already said, i will tell you i have been playing cs since the beginning of its time, and i now only have GNU/Linux installed on my machine so i obviously have to play cs through wine...and i will tell you, you are not going to get the performance in cs like you do in windows...i have always got 99fps steady in cs under windows, and through wine i get around 60 - 70...the best advice i can tell you is to try and get your hands on WineX...that version of wine by transgaming is built for games, and i personally never tried it, but i would have to assume performance is better..
i have seen it laying around the internet where you can download it if you don't want to pay $5/month, or you can also get it for free through CVS..so thats just a couple options for ya.

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