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r1_97 06-09-03 05:00 PM

loss of kernel selection menu
I'm running RH9 Linux and have GeForce2 Ti card. After installing driver Linux-86-1.0-4363run, I no longer have the kernel selection menu at bootup. I have kernels 2.4.20-8 and 2.4.20-18.9 with only the earlier (former) loading at boot. I used to have a menu which listed the available kernels with default being the latest. I would like to test the later kernel and have the menu back. I realize that the driver recompiled the kernel but I should be able to upgrade the kernel from time to time and then ugrade the driver.

Any ideas on how to do this?


bwkaz 06-09-03 05:31 PM

The driver didn't touch your kernel. It also didn't touch your bootloader configuration.

Either you, or some package you installed, changed your bootloader's config file (and if your bootloader is lilo, it also reran /sbin/lilo). If you use Grub, look around in /boot/grub (I think) for either grub.conf or menu.lst -- that's Grub's config file. If you use lilo, edit /etc/lilo.conf. Find the setting that's not prompting you for which entry to load, and change it to prompt you (in lilo.conf, this setting is prompt up in the global settings). If you use lilo, run /sbin/lilo after updating the config file to make the changes take effect.

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