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screenie 04-06-09 03:00 PM

twinview & maximazing
hi everybody,

i am running debian lenny with one nvidia 9600gt dual dvi graphic card and two identical monitors;

i tried something and was able to configure twinview where the gnome panel is only visible on one monitor, when maximizing a window it is maximized to one screen;
or i was able to setup one large screen where the gnome panel was expanded to both monitors and when maximizing a window it was maximized over both monitors;

now my question: is it possible to setup that the gnome panel is expanded over both monitors but when maximizing a window it is only maximized on one monitor?

i use compiz fusion also;


nemecb 04-06-09 06:05 PM

Re: twinview & maximazing
If it is, it would be in your Gnome settings somewhere. I don't think the drivers have any control over that - they just provide information to Gnome about your monitor layout and it takes over from there.

Also, there's a Linux-specific forum here that would be a better place for a question like this.

screenie 04-07-09 01:06 PM

Re: twinview & maximazing
i don't know where to set this under gnome, on windows this feature i would like to have can be configured with the nvidia tool;

yes, you are right - this posting should better moved to the linux forum, i didn't see it when i wrote it (first match was this forum);

is there a way to move this post into the linux forum, or better i will contact the moderator if he can move it there...


nemecb 04-07-09 02:34 PM

Re: twinview & maximazing
Yeah, Windows isn't exactly good about the separation of church and state...err, I mean driver and window manager. If this is possible, what I think you're going to want to do is configure the driver so that it reports two separate screens, and then tell Gnome that you want the task bar to span both screens. I'm afraid I don't use Gnome though so I can't tell you where that option would be or even if it exists.

Actually, I take that back. Google suggests that it can't be done. The suggestion there is to have two Gnome panels and put one on the second screen. I don't know if that accomplishes what you want, but it would work.

screenie 04-07-09 04:56 PM

Re: twinview & maximazing
yes nemecb, you got it - two separate screens where the panels span over both screens and when maximizing a window it is only maximized on one screen;

but uhh - your find to put another additional gnome panel to the second screen is also pretty cool! never thought about that....

i have now two screens where the default gnome panel and taskbar is on the first screen, and a addidional top and bottom panel on the second screen; i put the gnome main menu on the top panel on the second screen and the window list applet to the bottom panel;
now when i open a program on the second screen and maximaze it - it is maximized only to the second screen, and is shown on the taskbar at the bottom of the second screen; but i can also resize the window manually over both screens;

in compiz i set the cube option to 'one big cube' and he rotates now over both screens and the background image is also shown as one background image over both screens;

this setup is exactly what i wanted to have - no, even a little better because it's more flexible with separate independent panels;

nemecb, thank you very much!

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