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SnakeTails 06-09-03 05:49 PM

gForce2 MX 400 not recognised in Unified driver for XFree86
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I have installed the latest nVidia driver for my XFree86 X-manager but it will not allow the GF2-MX-400 video card to run, so I have to drop back to the supplied nvdriver

I am including


bwkaz 06-09-03 09:02 PM

For anyone else reading this, you have to rename the .zip file to xfree.gz, then run gunzip on it. The resulting xfree file is a simple concatenation of the config and log files. Took me a bit to figure that out. ;)

Anyway, you need to get rid of the ChipSet line in your Device section. The nVidia driver doesn't use that -- it can determine what chipset is being used just fine on its own. :)

While you're at it, comment out the BoardName line too. It's redundant (mostly for the same reason).

SnakeTails 06-10-03 05:26 AM

To make it easier, could you please accept .gz as a valid extension when uploading files?

bwkaz 06-10-03 05:40 PM

I'm not a site admin, sorry. :(

You might be able to convince volt to do it, though. I'm fairly sure he's either an admin or the site owner.

Or maybe you could post this as a suggestion in the "Feedback" forum. I'm sure the admin(s) read that one. Considering there are two entire Linux forums here, you'd think it would be set that way already, but hey, whatever.

You could also use InfoZip's zip program (should be installed; if not, install the zip and unzip packages) in Linux to create real zip files. For future reference, anyway.

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