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pelly 08-29-02 08:26 AM

Detonator 40
Detonator 40's are out! Post your results/impressions here...


Smokey 08-29-02 08:35 AM

I've just dl them, going to instal them them play some games, let you know how it goes.

pelly 08-29-02 08:36 AM

I took a quick peek inside and saw no references of NV30 or NV18......The highest model listed is NV25 / NV25GL.


SurfMonkey 08-29-02 08:39 AM

Has anybody given the new Dets a run yet?
I see they are promising a 25% increase in speed with these new Dets, I'm @ work and can't test them yet. Anybody out there who can verify this... not that I am @ work but that the Dets give a 25% speed increase ;)

And has anybody seen a lost thread, it was all about paranoia and Rage3D. It appears to have dissapeared :D

monkeydust 08-29-02 08:40 AM

Tried them on WinXP Pro and I was getting a NvTwk.dll (or something like that) error everytime I booted up. Tried running the installer and installing them manually with the same results. But, more importantly, they don't work on the AC2 beta for me. So far, the only one's that have worked for me in AC2 is the 29.42 drivers.

mcortz_2000 08-29-02 08:40 AM

NVIDIA Unleashes Detonator 40 - WHOOOOOHOO!!!
Hiya all,


This is why I love Nvidia. They never lie down and accept their fate, always something up their sleeve. Well I am going to install these drivers this weekend and I hope that it gives a somewhat decent performance increase.

Anyway with the improvement in Ati drivers over the last couple of months and now this the Video Card market is just getting better and better.

And with the 9700 turning in the scores it is, well life is good or as we say in South Africa "Liewe is lekker"!
Translated into "life is good/great"....
By the way that is Afrikaans........

Anyway here is the link...


JonathanM 08-29-02 08:47 AM

Yeah, my nvqtwk.dll remained from my previous installation (29.42)... but I don't get an error like you're getting monkeydust. hmmm gonna wipe the drivers clean and reinstall them to see if it does the trick..

imtim83 08-29-02 08:49 AM

oh my god my score just about increased 1000 points!!!!!! I was getting 100 fps in nature at some points now!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!! The lowest in nature i got was like 53 fps but most of the time 60 to 80 fps. I am like amazed that these drivers increased my nature fps and the other game demos of 3dmark2001SE pretty much. Espically nature. I mean heck i never even got close to 100 fps ever. And then i did!!!!!! I know 3dmark2001SE is just a benchmark tool but still oh my god!!!!! Now let me go try out FSAA and AF performence speed now, and real games i play!!!!

pelly 08-29-02 08:50 AM

Case in point, NVIDIA is the king of drivers...
A 1000 point jump is absolutely insane! I wish I wasn't at work right now...


Mad Hatter 08-29-02 08:54 AM

Detonator 40... what is the difference between detonator 40 and driver 30.84?
I have an nvidia graphic driver v. 30.84 currently installed on my machine. But I'm confused as to what this "Detonator" driver is. Should I be installing it on my system? What does it do? Is it better than driver v30.84 ?

Mad Hatter

Richthofen 08-29-02 08:55 AM

hm the driver does not work here.

If i try to get into the advanced options menu the driver conrtol panel just quits.
What the hell is that?
Never had that before.

JonathanM 08-29-02 08:56 AM

My assumptions were correct... the new driver layout doesn't need the nvqtwk.dll any more.

I recommend a clean installation over theses drivers rather than just installing over the previous revisions (although I know most people do that anyways.. ;) ) It's still too early for me. hehe

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