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Vanzagar 04-11-09 12:24 AM

L4D SP friendly challenge
I've completed pretty much any SP FPS on the hardest setting, but damn L4D on Expert mode on the Rooftop finale was a biatch! I really had to work with the AI players, I know MP is funner and would probably be a lot easier with decent team mates that why this challenge is in SP mode, can you complete it and if so in how many attempts...

I found I had to actually think a little in a FPS shooter, wtf? I had to place the canisters and propane tanks strategically and use the molotov and pipe bombs sparingly to finish the map... actually felt like an accomplishment jumping on that friggen helicopter at the end:)

Anyways, there's my challenge - how many attempts (honestly) does it take you, took me about 30 friggen tries...



nutcrackr 04-11-09 12:53 AM

Re: L4D SP friendly challenge
crazy, can't believe how much you have to herd them. Even on Easy bots will just go dumb and fail to save you. I'm guessing you need to ensure you're not the one who gets pounced or smoked.

Vanzagar 04-12-09 12:50 AM

Re: L4D SP friendly challenge
yeah they're a biatch to deal with, probably know em already but some hints if want em:

#1 Learn to use the "cover me" and "wait" commands well with the AI

#2 Draw the tanks away from the AI's, if two AI's die your dead, make the tank chase you

#3 watch the smoker very very carefully, stay in a tight group and don't let him pull 1 AI out, once seperated it becomes much much harder...

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