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pman35 04-11-09 07:21 PM

2D performance
Dear all,

first of all I apologize for picking up a topic that has been discussed in various places before.

After reading various forums on the net, I came to the conclusion that I am not alone with my
problem, which is seriously frustrating and makes my machine almost unusable.

My system is an Q9550 on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P with 8 Gigs of RAM running Gentoo 64-bit.
I recently plugged in a new 9800GT, and 2D performance is really frustrating (running 180.44, but tried various other versions).
I did all of the various tweaks and tunings that are posted on this forum and elsewhere, in particular setting the option


        Option "RegistryDwords" "PowerMizerEnable=0x1; PerfLevelSrc=0x2222"
which makes the card run at default 3D clocks all the time resulted in a big improvement.
But still, the performance is sluggish all the time, and running Windows XP inside VirtualBox
is a nightmare. You can watch how Windows Explorer redraws its folders...

To summarize, it's impossible to work at this machine. Today I copied over my VM to the
laptop, which has only 3,2 GB and an integrated Intel graphics (945GM). But the system is
snappy, it reacts quickly, and you can be productive on that machine.

What the hell does Nvidia have in mind, leaving their customers alone like this? From my reading
on the net I realize that a huge lot of people have such problems. I think that all the nifty new
features such as VDPAU, CUDA and PowerMizer are essentially useless if even basic
things don't work reliably.

If anybody knows how to get 2D working sufficiently fast (even without 3D at all), please let me
know. The Xorg NV driver is also dog slow (even worse). I'd even consider buying another
(older) card or go for ATi to get around this. 3D is not important in the first place.


ledoc 04-11-09 11:01 PM

Re: 2D performance
Mhm, 2D shouldn't be *that* bad any more.
You might also try the plain vesa driver, or nouveau.

Fackamato 04-12-09 02:48 AM

Re: 2D performance
Give 185.19 a try and report back. Also include a bug report with that version please. :)

pman35 04-12-09 06:24 PM

Re: 2D performance
Update: I've been fiddling around with different kernel versions, checked my MTRR configuration,
enabled PAT debugging .... with no reasonable results.
I realized that MANY people have/had the same problems as me in the past. In particular, it seemed
that there were performance problems with mem configurations over 4 GB (or slightly less).
But this also was not the cause in my case.

Finally, I gave Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) a shot. The systems runs VERY smooth, and in particular the
redraw inside VirtualBox with its additional overhead is really fast and perfectly usable. The have
an older kernel than I had on my Gentoo system (2.6.27 or 28, don't remember, whereas I had on Gentoo). The NVidia driver is 180.44. So I don't really understand what made the
difference. Ok, they have Xorg server 1.6, but should this have been the cause? I don't know...

@Fackamato: I had been trying 185.13, with no difference, but didn't check 185.19, sorry.

pman35 04-13-09 07:24 AM

Re: 2D performance
In case somebody is interested in this: xorg-server 1.6 really made the difference.
I compiled it on my main Gentoo system, and now 2D is really fast.

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