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[Sky]Man 06-10-03 06:19 AM

MX400 TV-OUT strange flickering lines
Hi All,

Up till today I was running an Nvidia MX400 with tvout under X without any problem using the latest linux driver from nvidia. I just swapped the card for a MX440 and booted back into linux, everything remains fine display wise but now the cloned picture on the tv has flickery lines all over it. I checked thru my XF86Config, nothing was any different as to when it used to work. I even recompiled the driver but still the same. One thing I have noticed is that I have TV-OUT from the console now, and that displays fine (!?)

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

PS: I am at work so donīt have any version numbers handy, i can post them once at home if necesary.


Thunderbird 06-10-03 06:50 AM

The tvout encoder used on Geforce4MX cards is most of the time different than the one used on the Geforce2MX. A geforce4mx contains a builtin tvout encoder instead of a external chip (made by philips, conexant ..). Some cards still use the external chip but most use the builtin encoder.

Try playing with various settings like resolution, tv standard (pal, nstc ... really select the correct one for your country), tvout connector ...

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