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windex82 06-10-03 01:46 PM

REALLY slow start-up
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This appears to happen with EVERY version of the driver i can get my hands on, from 4x6x down to 31xx...

What happens is when starting x, it appears to have frozen, (i would bet a lot of the ppl experiencing the lock up would have this problem instead) but if you let it sit for about 8 minutes, the screen will flash up the nvidia logo, and then go blank, then abother 8 minutes laater will do it again.

This is the normal behavior of the nvidia drivers on my system: IE when you startx the nvidia screen pops up, then go away then pops up, several times while cycling through frefresh rates.

The problem is that now its just taking its awful sweet time about it.

Ive tried the suggestion about adding the ignore option to the conf file, AND tried adding the pci options to the kernel load line in grub...

and ill bbi5 to post the error log

windex82 06-10-03 01:56 PM

Well i would be posting the log, but it dosnt seem to create one....when the driver is loaded.

Dr0Zz 06-10-03 02:01 PM

try adding this to your xf86config file under the device section to see if this helps:

Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "DFP, TV"

windex82 06-10-03 08:43 PM

That didnt fix it but led to another discovery. X does infact start WITH the startx command (opens the three consoles with TWM) but issuing "/etc/init.d/xdm start" leads to the "freeze" up.

I run KDE, and have set the window manager variable in the rc.conf is set to kdm.

Any other info needed? Just ask =)

When i say really long, i mean REALLY long, i let it sit over 30 minutes one night, and never made it through the couple of splsash screen resolution changes.

windex82 06-10-03 10:46 PM

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Alright, i think ive come up with half the problem, unfortunatly i dont even know where to start fixing it.

This post will contain the first logfile with explinations. The next post will contain a different log file with my conclusion.

File explination:

This is the logfile i recieve when i issue, "startx". As you can see its the complete startup and this successfully loads X to twm after about 6 minutes. Both of these are taken using the same conf as above.

windex82 06-10-03 10:53 PM

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File explination: This is the log i get after issuing "/etc/init.d/xdm start" waiting about 13 minutes and two NV logo screen flashes. As you can see its an incomplete boot, but does apear to be loading REALLY REALLY REALLY slow. In fact this file has half the lines has the other one (273v483)

But what i belive is causeing all of the problems:

If you notive the driver name for the startx file is NVIDIA, the log file for the second file states its using the NV driver. I belive theres a conflict somewhere, but dont even begin to know where to start looking.

Well after looking through both a bit closer, they BOTH look complete (ending with the mouse stuff)

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