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homeless3d 06-10-03 06:53 PM

BUG in xaa nvidia implementation
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Following Andy Mecham's instructions, I present a bug in driver version 1.0-4363.
This bug is reproduceable on all the machines I've tested on (AMD and Intel), with different graphics cards (Gf2, Gf4, Quadro).

What happens with this bug, for example, is that the flurry screensaver (xscreensaver >= 4.07) flickers and blinks if the processor goes over 5%; the more processor usage there is, the more flickering and blinking that appears.

Given that this does not happen with the XFree driver nor happened with earlier versions of the driver from NVidia, I assume that it is caused by something in the new xaa acceleration implemented by NVidia.

Anyway, I'm posting my configuration files and log here in case they help in some way.
Thanks in advance.

Thunderbird 06-11-03 03:19 AM

You should submit your bugreport to: linux-bugs@nvidia.com

Perhaps it reaches the bug guys using this forum too but I really advise to send an email.

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