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adz 06-10-03 09:39 PM

Help with make config/oldconfig/dep etc under Debian
OK. I've seen using Linux for a few months now so I know some things but I'm by no means an expert. I'm using Debian v3 r1, kernel version 2.2.20. I've downloaded driver version 1.0-4363 for my GeForce 2 MX 400. I encounter problems when trying to compile the kernel source to generate a modversions.h file. "make oldconfig" works fine but "make dep" fails. "make modules" and "make modules_install" also fail. I'm not sure how to log the output so that's why it's not included. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thunderbird 06-11-03 01:25 AM

You don't need to build an actual kernel. Just install the kernel-headers package:
apt-get install kernel-headers-2.2.20 (or something like that)

After that you likely need to make a symlink to /usr/src/linux and the kernel module should compile.

Something else I would upgrade to some 2.4.x kernel (debian ships with one too but default is 2.2x...) since it can be a big improvement.

adz 06-12-03 07:00 AM

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Hmmm... I just installed kernel 2.4.20-1-686. The command iname -r has stopped working and so has my cd... Also I still have problems compiling the Nvidia driver. It says that I need to set the CC environment variable to the version that was used to compile my source. I know how to set an enviro variable but I don;t know what to set it to. Also it says that my kernel doesn't match my source (I got the kernel-headers as you suggested). My .log file is attached. Stumped.

bwkaz 06-12-03 05:29 PM

Debian used an extremely old compiler on their default 2.2.20 kernel (gcc 2.7.X). They then shipped their distro with a newer, but still almost ancient compiler (2.95.3). These compilers, AFAIK, are not compatible.

The solution would be to recompile Debian's kernel sources with your gcc 2.95.3 (but change the top-level Makefile's EXTRAVERSION string to be something, like -custom or whatever, so that you don't overwrite your old modules directory).

Well... you probably want to double check that first -- do a cat /proc/version and a cc -version to get the version of gcc used to compile the kernel, then the version of gcc currently installed. If the first is 2.7.X and the second is 2.95.3, then this is your problem.

adz 06-12-03 07:47 PM

So I just type: "export CC=2.95.4"?

bwkaz 06-13-03 05:22 PM

No. If you set the CC variable, you would have to set it to the full path and filename of the 2.95.3 (or .4) compiler, not just the version.

The nVidia package has no idea how to invoke a specific version of gcc, in other words.

Also, you have to set CC to the compiler that was used on the kernel, and that is a compiler that you don't have installed.

What all this boils down to is, you should just recompile the kernel with a still old, but slightly less so, compiler (the default one on your system, 2.95.3 or .4).

adz 06-14-03 12:29 AM

I've installed gcc 3.3. So it's an even newer one. Also, if you look at the top of the thread I've never been able to compile it. It always errors out...

bwkaz 06-14-03 08:14 AM

Old kernels (like before 2.4.21 or so) have major issues with gcc 3.3. Stuff that used to compile no longer does (like multi-line string literals), so the kernel fails.

If you must use gcc 3.3, then get kernel 2.4.21. If you don't want kernel 2.4.21, then try gcc 3.2.

To capture the output of make, errors and all, you can make >log.txt 2&>1. When you get a prompt back, the full output will be stored in log.txt.

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