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paulpaul 04-20-09 01:06 PM

GeForce 9500 GT will not detect LG L204WT
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GeForce 9500 GT will not detect LG L204WT on digital port.

On cold boot in the morning the nvidia driver will not detect the LG L204WT on the second port. It has no problem detecting my Samsung Syncmaster2443bw. The LG stays in power save mode and is not detected until after several reboots (it is as if something needs to warm up before it will detect). After being detected it is fine for the rest of the day ... until the next morning where again, it will not be detected. Even if the LG is the only display plugged in, it is still not detected. If I leave the computer on all night with the monitor off and reboot in the morning, the LG is detected. Again, it is as if the video card needs to be "warm" and to stay warm. Or it is as if it "forgets" about the LG if left off all night. When it does eventually detect to LG, everything works fine, even through reboots.

Linux-x86_64 Debian Lenny
Driver version: 180.44

GeForce 9500 GT GV-N95TD3-512H
BIOS version: 62.94.2c.00.00

(I can't flash the newer BIOS as I can't find a way to do this in Linux.)

Any help much appreciated.

paulpaul 04-20-09 11:30 PM

Re: GeForce 9500 GT will not detect LG L204WT
Just FYI, I managed a USB DOS boot and flashed the video card with NVIDIA Source BIOS Version: 62.94.4B.00.18 from http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/v...ProductID=2879 . That resulted in a scrambled video display. I managed to re-flash the previous BIOS (62.94.2c.00.00) by blindly typing in the necessary DOS commands (phew!) and everything is back to working, but the LG is still not detected unless "warmed up".

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