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wiresquire 04-21-09 05:31 AM

185.19 colors flashing on shutdown?

I'm testing the 185.19 drivers (x64) on the Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 RC (with all updates).
When I shut down, the machine begins shutdown as expected. The screen goes blank, the backlight goes out, but then a second later, the backlight comes back on. Then it cycles through a full screen red, green, blue and white screen before shutting down.
This behaviour did not happen before installing the nvidia drivers.

Anyone else seen something similar?


AaronP 04-21-09 03:59 PM

Re: 185.19 colors flashing on shutdown?
The Ubuntu Intrepid graphical shutdown thing has a bug where it doesn't draw the whole screen, resulting in flashing colors on the bottom half. I haven't tried Jaunty's graphical shutdown, but it wouldn't surprise me if it has a similar bug.

thefirstm 04-21-09 06:35 PM

Re: 185.19 colors flashing on shutdown?
A workaround I found is to enable the graphical framebuffer using vesafb or uvesafb. If you google around on the Web, you can find a howto for this.

wiresquire 04-22-09 09:45 PM

Re: 185.19 colors flashing on shutdown?
Ahah! Thanks for the tip.

I have vga=892 in my 8.04 install, so that was automagically loading vesafb.
Tried the same in 9.04 and no more flashing colors. The shutdown screen looks weird - all sorts of wrong colors, but I expect that's to do with 8 bits screen mode etc.


thefirstm 04-23-09 04:22 AM

Re: 185.19 colors flashing on shutdown?
Yes, that is correct about the shutdown screen being corrupted. If you use a mode with 24-bit color, then that problem will not occur.

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