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ksc91u 04-23-09 09:08 AM

When will the SMP bug be fixed?
Well, the nvidia freeze problem on SMP/multicore problem has exist for very long time.

Now the only fix is to add maxcpus=1 to kernel parameter.

Will this be fixed?

Also, does anyone using 96.43.11 driver have the same problem?

If 96.x drivers are not effected, I might migrate from 180.x to 96.x, since I don't really need aiglx features.

Thank you.

NvFuchs 04-23-09 09:28 AM

Re: When will the SMP bug be fixed?
Have you already tried


which addresses the named problem?


twyoda 04-23-09 12:42 PM

Re: When will the SMP bug be fixed?
My system with 96.43.11 is very stable. It seems no such problem at all.
The drawback is the performance not good as 180.* drivers.
The 180.53 improve the stability, but not solve the problem. It just delay the problem LONGER.
My nvidia chip is GeForce Go 7300 PCI-E.

NvFuchs 04-23-09 02:21 PM

Re: When will the SMP bug be fixed?
Okay, could you please attach a nvidia bug report, as described in the sticky thread? The more information the nvidia engineers have, the better they can help you. Preferred after the problem occurred, if your system is in a state which allows the creation of such a report.


ksc91u 04-24-09 09:06 AM

Re: When will the SMP bug be fixed?
Thank you, NvFuchs.
I think this version fix my problem.
It also fix my previous problem that cause Wifi stop working during video playback.


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