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saturnotaku 08-30-02 02:00 PM

Abit OTES Ti4200 cards
Anyone see these wild new Ti4200 cards from Abit? These things are absolutely wild and honestly, this is what eVGA's ACS2 cooling should have been.

It would be sweet if they offered it in Ti4600 form. Or maybe we could see it on their NV30 product. :eek:

Give 'em a gander at warp2search

FastM 08-30-02 02:26 PM

I think its a great idea, some people dont realize it but all that heat coming off your videocard can really increase your CPU temps. I know of an Athlon 1.4 system i put together for someone at work which i got running with a GF2 Ultra (very hot card). Anyway the CPU temps would ilde around 47-50c (it was not a very well cooled case, just an IE, Excel comp anyway). So after exchanging the GF2 with an old ATI rage2 vid card i found the CPU idle temp dropped to 40c, 43c at most.

But to bad they didn't at least put Heatsinks on the ram...

SavagePaladin 08-31-02 04:53 AM

7200 rpm though? Thats beyond insane, and probably NOISY AS HELL.

JonathanM 08-31-02 10:57 AM

That should be quite noisy. Hopefully it won't block more than 1 PCI slot (but i doubt it). BTW, notice hoow tiny the exhaust hole is? Hopefully that extremely powerful fan won't be limited by it.

Ti 4600 performance? Paleez... that RAM will never hit 700+MHz like most Ti 4600's.

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