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malchin 04-23-09 08:54 PM

cannot frame lock on quadro plex
Hi all.

we have fou-sided CAVE with two Quadro PLEX 1000 Model.4,
and a driver updated from 180.22 to 180.44.
On 180.22 driver, using "glColorTable()" operation, we got an error "invalid operation".
So that we install the driver 180.44 and this error resolved.
However, on 180.44 driver, we cannot use "frame lock" option at nvidia-settins
and cannot use command line operation about frame lock.

we would like to use "frame lock" option and "glColorTable()" with no error.
which driver can we use above two operation and get CUDA support?

our hardware and software information are following:

- four-sided CAVE.
- two Quadro FX 1000 Model.4.
- one gpu output to one screen.
- stereo synchronization on house sync.
- we developping and using cuda application.
- NVIDIA driver: 180.22
- tested drivers: 180.37 and 180.44.
- tested Operating System: RHEL 5.3 and SLES 10.2

- driver 180.22;
- using "glColorTable()", output "invalid operation" error.
- frame lock operation is correctly running.

- driver 180.37 and 180.44
- cannot use "frame lock" option. frame lock command not found.
- using "glColorTable()", output "no error". No problem.

program test module
unsigned char colortable[256][4];
glColorTable(GL_COLOR_TABLE, GL_RGBA, 256,

GLenum errCode;
if ( ( errCode = glGetError() ) != GL_NO_ERROR ) {
printf( "%s\n", gluErrorString( errCode ) ); }

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