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Ywap 04-26-09 06:33 AM

U-Wars doing PhysX
I did a search but couldnīt find a thread about this one. I donīt know much about the game itself but it will be interesting to see what the current and upcoming Physx hardware accelerated titles like Mirror's Edge, Cryostasis, Bionic Commando and now U-Wars has to offer.




WeReWoLf 04-26-09 07:18 AM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
Graphics look pretty decent.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate used PhysX as well.

MaxFX 04-26-09 01:35 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
Very nice and very good looking pics :D

Buio 04-28-09 01:05 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
Edit: Didn't see the other topic, ignore this :)

Ywap 06-30-09 10:01 AM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
Some new screenshots:


wysiwyg 06-30-09 01:45 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
this looks like crud


i get annoyed with the constant sepia toned dull console games

Ninjaman09 06-30-09 02:38 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX

Originally Posted by wysiwyg (Post 2039153)
this looks like crud


i get annoyed with the constant sepia toned dull console games

Needs more bloom IMO.

Jonelo 06-30-09 02:42 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX
Yes , is with the constant gray or sepia of the next gen .

The game has a great part of time like a combat under water, they say it is the most original part of the game. The Russians say it was the game most interesting of the KRI - is a developer conference in Rusia - with "Call of Pripyat", but well ...this year there was not many more games :D




And also is for 360 . See the russians with the controler of the 360 :D


Jonelo 06-30-09 02:51 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_225527.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_189678.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_16460.jpg

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_98819.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_26507.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_120829.jpg

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_287869.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_78493.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_66699.jpg

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_165836.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_253273.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_90606.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_275487.jpg



- The first action for the PC / Xbox 360/PSP with realistic underwater part (underwater fighting)
- Next gen graphics for DirectX10
- Physics using the NVIDIA PhysX, with support for GPU (for PC)
- Destroyed objects game world
- Strong plot and charismatic characters
- Wide range of weapons, military equipment, including a jet pack and submarine
- Variety of multiplayer modes, support for Xbox Live

Jonelo 06-30-09 02:53 PM

Re: U-Wars doing PhysX

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_69270.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_16314.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_129505.jpg

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_191519.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_39080.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...6_108_7431.jpg

http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_219970.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/...108_108170.jpg http://www.gameru.net/forum/uploads/..._108_13205.jpg

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