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ProE 06-11-03 08:59 AM

Geforce2 Ultra 3D Hardware Accelaration
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I'm a Linux newbe

Is there anyway that 3D accelaration can be enabled on a Geforce2 Ultra , my video card card is very slow when it comes to regenerating 3d models
I have the latest drivers installed from Nvidia 4363
this is what I have
Motherboard Asus A7v133
ram 1.5gb
Video Geforce2 Ultra 64mb
Proc 1.3ghz AMD
RadHat 8.0 Professional

Attached is my xf86config
please help !!!

bwkaz 06-11-03 08:11 PM

What kind of 3D models? Pro-E ones? (yes, that is a guess from your name -- if you don't know what I'm talking about, then Pro-E, or Pro Engineer I think is its full name, is a 3D CAD tool)

There may be something Pro-E specific that doesn't work right with nVidia cards. Or, it is possible that you're seeing the same "slow performance" issue that a lot of people with GF2MX and GF4MX cards are seeing (though if so, this would be unique, because I think all the rest of these issues are with MX cards, not the GF2 Ultra).

Try running something like tuxracer, glxgears, or something like that. glxgears prints the framerate to the terminal you start it from every 5 seconds, and there's an option in the TuxRacer config file to turn on FPS reporting too. Post the FPS you get from one of these.

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