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crnv 04-27-09 05:09 PM

[Solved] No HDMI output on Quadro FX 770m
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Hi everyone!

I have a HP 8530w with a Quadro FX 770m. I connected a monitor to the HDMI interface but it was not recognized. Nvidia settings does not list the monitor in the "X server display config" section. The HDMI interface works in Windows XP so I am sure it is activated.
Actually I do not know how to debug this problem because I have no further information (e.g an error msg). The monitor is just not recognized. I also tried to connect a TV and had the same problem. I searched in the forum but did not find any user with the same problem (most of the people only have problems with sound over HDMI).

I created a bug report while the monitor was connected.

I found a similar thread in the forum which might be related to this one: HDMI-DVI converted output to DVI display not working with 177.* (most of the people also have a HP notebook)

crnv 05-01-09 05:49 AM

Re: No HDMI output on Quadro FX 770m
If a docking station is used the DVI-Output is also not recognized. There is a workaround that worked for some people (unfortunately I couldn't use it to get HDMI working).

Maybe this workaround helps other people: Workaround (ubuntuforums.org)

During my research I found other people with this laptop/graphics configuration, that reported problems with HDMI. (8530w on linlap.com)

crnv 05-15-09 10:54 AM

Re: No HDMI output on Quadro FX 770m
With current beta drivers 185.18.08 HDMI works. Unfortunately the quality is quite bad, although the monitor's native resolution (1080p) is used. Text is not sharp and colors look unnatural.

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