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mbobak 04-28-09 07:01 PM

Where is 185.19?
I was going to try the latest Beta driver. I see people talking about 185.19.

But the latest listed here:
is 185.18.04?

Where's 185.19? Is that a super-secret Alpha version? :-)


thefirstm 04-28-09 07:21 PM

Re: Where is 185.19?
With the last release, Nvidia did something funky and "upgraded" the beta driver to one with a lower version number. 185.18.04 is actually newer than 185.19, and it has all the fixes that 185.19 did.

mooninite 04-28-09 10:35 PM

Re: Where is 185.19?
Global standard schema for version numbering: XX.YY.ZZ
nVidia standard schema for version numbering: XX.YY.YY

185.1804 > 185.19

That's all I can guess.

zander 04-28-09 10:59 PM

Re: Where is 185.19?
Please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...10&postcount=1 for a description of the version format. The first BETA build had a higher secondary number than the current and future 185.xx builds for (rather boring) release management reasons.

mbobak 04-29-09 10:15 AM

Re: Where is 185.19?
Ok, thanks for the explanation. I'll try 185.18.04, then.


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