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teox99 04-29-09 03:38 AM

mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?

I'm trying to get mplayer to play the TrueHD audio track in a file from a Blu-Ray disc (m2ts)
mplayer correctly recognizes the others AC3 audio tracks within the file but it fails to find the TrueHD audio track and "Audio: no sound is provided".
exactly, tsMuxer recognize the audio tracks as AC3 core + True-HD

i tried with with no luck:
mplayer -vc ffh264vdpau -vo vdpau -cache 8192 -ac hwdts,hwac3,ffmlp -aid 4352
mplayer -vc ffh264vdpau -vo vdpau -cache 8192 -demuxer lavf -aid 4352
mplayer -vc ffh264vdpau -vo vdpau -cache 8192 -ac ffmlp -aid 4352

What to do?

slanbarn 04-29-09 04:04 AM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?
I have no doubt that someone here has information about this, but I would guess that the mplayer maillists are a better place to get a good answere...

Gregoire.Favre 04-29-09 09:54 AM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?
mplayer support regarding m2ts and truehd is pretty poor (for example xbmc is much better in that matter) but you should be able to with the "-ausid 0x71" option (71 is the value for Wall-E Blu-Ray which I didn't test myself but come from the ml).
Before bying a Blue Ray reader I wait for proper support in mplayer :-)

seth_keith 06-06-09 06:23 PM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?
I am trying to play "bee movie" with mplayer svn. According the eac3to, the audio is:

4: TrueHD/AC3, English, 5.1 channels, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB
(embedded: AC3, 5.1 channels, 640kbps, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB)
5: AC3, French, 5.1 channels, 640kbps, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB
6: AC3, Spanish, 5.1 channels, 640kbps, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB
7: AC3 Surround, English, 2.0 channels, 192kbps, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB

If I cycle through the audio tracks, I see only 3 tracks: French, Spanish, and the English narration track ( #7 ), but the main english soundtrack ( #4 ) is totally missing. How can I make mplayer recognize the trueHD track? Is this even possible?

Gusar 06-07-09 04:35 AM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?
As Gregoire.Favre said, you need to provide the right -ausid option. No idea how to find it though, I have no experience with Blu-ray yet. Start the movie with "mplayer -v" and look through the output, maybe you'll find it.

sl1pkn07 06-07-09 10:41 AM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?

Originally Posted by mplayer manual
−ausid <ID> (also see −alang)

Select audio substream channel. Currently the valid range is 0x55..0x75 and applies only to MPEG-TS when handled by the native demuxer (not by libavformat). The format type may not be correctly identified because of how this information (or lack thereof) is embedded in the stream, but it will demux correctly the audio streams when multiple substreams are present. MPlayer prints the available substream IDs when run with −identify.


seth_keith 06-09-09 01:40 PM

Re: mplayer TRUE-HD audio supports ?
Thanks for your help guys, but I am still not there. I run:

mplayer -identify

It shows me 2 substream IDs: 0x71 and 0x55.

When I do

mplayer -ausid 0x55 -alang en ( or eng )

I get a crash in mplayer, so I figgure that is the wrong one. When I do

mplayer -ausid 0x71 -alang en

I get video and audio, but I do not get the correct track. Instead of getting trueHD English, I am getting ac3 French, and I cannot switch to the HD track with #, the HD track is not there... Any ideas?

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