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gnufied 04-30-09 04:29 AM

Stability problems with KDE4.2.2 on NVidia 8400M GS
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Currently I am running KDE4.2.2 on Kubuntu 9.04 and have ran into various stability problems. One that is most severe is, when I close certain applications (like Emacs,Firefox), entire desktop freezes for a while. I have filed a bug report with KDE folks here:


Now they claim its a problem of driver. So while digging through this forum, I found this:


Which suggests for dual core machines to boot with:


pci=nommconf idle=poll maxcpus=1
Now according to this , running with idle=poll will cause overheating and maximize power usage (and not recommended), where as maxcpus=1 will set the maximum cpu limit to 1. Has anything changed yet or why does nvidia recommends to run with idle=poll when apparently kernel folks don't ? Or is it just for testing whether it makes problem go away.

For the record, I have booted with "pci=nommconf", but haven't enabled other two kernel parameters and yet I am still having stability problems. I am attaching the bug report with the post.

gnufied 04-30-09 04:31 AM

Re: Stability problems with KDE4.2.2 on NVidia 8400M GS
I can reproduce the problem with or without compositioning, but its just that compositioning makes it more severe.

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