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jgoulah 06-11-03 02:25 PM

redhat 8/9 lock ups with nvidia driver
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I experienced X windows lock up problems with RedHat 9 and downgraded to RedHat 8 thinking it may solve the problem, but that didn't help either. These problems occur with the Nvidia binary driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4363.run that I downloaded for the Linux 32 bit architecture.

The lock up seems very random, and sometimes the mouse does not lock up, but usually the entire system completely locks (can't ctrl-alt-backspce or ctrl-alt-del). I can cause the lock up if I run xine to play a dvd and I see this error:

"No accelerate IMDCT transform found."

When I switch back to generic nv driver, everything works fine.

My system looks like:
- XFX GF2 MX400 64M TV PCI
- newest nvidia 32 bit linux driver
- redhat 8.0 (stock kernel)
- AMD Athlon 2600+
- Soyo KT400 DRAGON ULTRA (Black) Motherboard w/ 1 GB DDR/333 RAM

I attached my XF86Config file, but I have to regenerate the XF86log because I reverted back to the generic driver since this was causing problems. Let me know if you need that or any other information


jgoulah 06-11-03 08:44 PM

I know this sounds crazy, but when I changed the

DefaultDepth 24


DefaultDepth 16

in my XF86Config file, under the Screen section, everything completely worked... nvidia drivers and all apparently seem to be playing tv and dvds fine with sound

hope this can help someone in the future at least

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