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Slammin 05-05-09 12:36 AM

Save me some time and heartache, please
Ok, I just pulled the trigger on an EVGA 285 refurb to replace the SLI'd 8800 GTS's in this systerm. Good idea? From all I've read it is.

Now, all my upgrades result in upgrades to machines I've donated to my family. My grandsons machine is an AMD dual core running @ 3.0GHZ with SLI 7800 GT's.

Will a single 8800 GTS be faster than those two 7800 GT cards @ 1024x768? In other words, is it worth the hassle to go swap that out? I think the PSU will handle the 8800 cards but the case is kinda small and even though I cut a couple of holes in it to add two 120mm fans, it's in a corner with bad ventilation and the 8800 GTS's put off lots of heat and need to plenty of airflow to be happy since I modded the bios to higher clocks.

That's the first question.

Second, and pardon me for being too lazy to look for myself (busy with work, etc.) but assuming I only use one 8800GTS card in the kids machine, can I use one in my main rig as a physx card?

Thanks for reading, and any response that helps me.


CaptNKILL 05-05-09 12:45 AM

Re: Save me some time and heartache, please
I think an 8800GTS would be an improvement on his system. The 7950GX2 was faster than 7800GT SLI and I had a massive (MASSIVE) improvement going from one of those to an 8800GTX. The GTS 640Mb isn't as fast but you should see a similar improvement coming from a slower SLI setup.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the 8800GTS will work as a physx card. It should help out quite a bit when its needed. If you aren't playing any Physx games (Cryostasis, Mirrors Edge etc...) then I'd set it aside until you do play some physx games. It'll basically just be sitting in there making heat and sucking power until you need it.

crainger 05-05-09 01:12 AM

Re: Save me some time and heartache, please
I went from 7900GT SLI to 1 8800GTX and the performance was much better so I agree with CaptN. The 8800GTS is faster than 7800GT SLI.

Slammin 05-05-09 08:24 AM

Re: Save me some time and heartache, please
Thanks guys. Saved me some work and probably several trips across town.

I'll probably just set one 8800gts aside for now too.

Thanks agaiin!

Slammin 05-07-09 04:45 PM

Re: Save me some time and heartache, please
What a nightmare!


If you have an abit IN9 Max mobo, you will have to dremel this card to make it fit!

It seems they've moved the DVI connector lower on this card and as such, the little black plastic tab inline with the edge connector of the card hits a capacitor on the mobo.

You can tell that the only thing that tab covers is the nut for the screw on the DVI connector, so I wasn't afraid of cutting it off. This being a refurbed card gave me a little extra comfort too. Anyhow, on with the show!

This is a great card! It is not a whole lot faster than the Sli'd 8800GTS's I replaced but I can now max out AA and ANSIO and not get any micro-stutter and usually no FPS hit. They best benefit to me though is the amount of heat this card puts out is a lot less than the two 8800's. I recently moved my main rig from the basement into a spare bedroom and it's not even summer yet but this room is always about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. It's a lot cooler in here now!

Overall verdict:

Worth it for me for increased IQ and less heat. No real FPS gains to speak of because my OC'd 8800's kicked butt too but I could not crank up the visuals as high as I can now either.

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