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DuaneKaufman 05-11-09 06:44 AM

Problems with JVC HDTV and Nvidia driver
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I am trying to bring up a dual-booting HTPC (Vista and Kubuntu), with an on-board Nvidia chipset (9300) connected to my JVC HDTV (HD52G886) through the HDMI<->HDMI port.

The setup works fine under Vista (mostly), but under Kubuntu the Nvidia driver defaults to 640x480 resolution, because it thinks the EDID checksum is bad.

I have tried to add lines in the xorg.conf file to disable the reading of the EDID from the TV, and use Modelines I have pulled from PowerStrip and/or MonInfo when running under Windows, but the driver always declares the Modelines invalid and drops off to the default.

The information I have read on the Web is quite, well, diffuse on this matter, and I do not know how to proceed to debug this. I have included my xorg.conf and log files. If someone is willing to spell out a test scenario I should try, I would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

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