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wiehen 05-13-09 12:29 PM

FX 770m 64 bit kernel random X display corruption
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Hello all,

My display will corrupt fairly randomly meaning it will start to pixalate and random image distortion at strange intervals. The desktop is still usable except the mouse will often time stutter a lot, but the screen never recovers and I have to do an X restart. When using later drivers such as 185.18.04 or 185.18.08 and I dont have the pci=nommconf or idle=poll or maxcpus=1 in my kernel parameters it will happen withing a matter of minutes, if I do have these parameters in then it will usually take hours but never more than a couple.

Here are my specs:
Dell Precision M4400
Core 2 Duo
8 gig of RAM

OpenSuSE 11.1 x64
X Server 1.5.2
kde 4.1.3
standard kernel

tried these nvidia drivers with no success
180.51_2_6.27.21_0.1 <-- currently running

Currently have these kernel parameters set

No desktop affects on

I have added my bug report log file too. I would really like to run this config as this is a business machine, I really appreciate anyone's help, thanks in advance.


arsenix 05-14-09 08:16 AM

Re: FX 770m 64 bit kernel random X display corruption
I have also had a similar bug show up. I am running a Thinkpad T61p.(QuadroFX 550M) In my case it always occurs when resuming from suspend, and generally doing another suspend/resume cycle fixes it. It has happened around 5-10 times in probably a few hundred suspend/resume cycles. Did you try suspend/resume to fix it?

Given the rarity of the issue, I am wondering if this is a hardware bug cropping up... I don't use Windows enough on this machine to know if it would occur on there as well.


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