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Gandalf81 06-13-03 05:25 AM

GF4-Ti4200 doesn't work with NVIDIA-driver

my problem is.
The Xserver (XFree 4.3.0) doesn't show the NVIDIA Logo and the screen.
There is no problem with the XServer (no errors no warnings in the logfile - it ends on setting up the resolution "1280x1024").
It's not a problem with the monitor, i also tried another one. All options in XF86Config-4 are set right for my monitor (it works with the "nv" driver).
I nearly testet all options which could be connected to this problem (disabled EDID/DCC etc.).

My configuration:

Mainboard: Epox 8RDA+ (nForce2 chipset)
Graphicadapter: MSI GF4-Ti4200 AGP8x 64MB DDR-Ram
(Ti4200-TD8x64) (it has SVHS out (philips decoder), DVI-I and VGA)
Linux-Distribution: Mandrake Linux 9.1
XFree86 4.3.0 (standard for mandrake)
Driver: NVIDIA-4363

I have nearly testet everything, it would be nice if you could help me.

Saubloed 06-13-03 10:11 AM

Its a problem with old BIOSes on Epox boards with nforce2:

Maybe you should do a forum search before asking. ;)

Locke Averame 06-13-03 11:27 AM

No it's not, (i administrate the pc of gandalf).
We updated to the newest bios for the epox 8rda+ which was available.
Bios date: 05/08/2003

So that's not the case.

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