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nekrosoft13 05-15-09 06:48 PM

Anyone tried Sidewinder X6 and X8?
just like the title says, anyone here have the X6 and X8?

saturnotaku 05-16-09 02:04 PM

Re: Anyone tried Sidewinder X6 and X8?
I personally wouldn't trust any sort of wireless gaming mouse, but that's just me.

I do own the keyboard, though. Its biggest fault is the lack of any sort of adjustable feet, but you get used to it. It's nice if you don't have a ton of desk space because the keypad is detachable. It was worth the $35 I paid for it, but I wouldn't spend too much more than that.

DeusGear 05-16-09 02:13 PM

Re: Anyone tried Sidewinder X6 and X8?
x6 keyboard is a piece of ****. It felt tacky and plastic, broke down on me in 2 months in and amazon nor microsoft would warrant an RMA for some ****ing reason (and micro**** even asked me to pay money to talk to tech support, what). Got a das keyboard 2 and couldn't be happier.

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