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nVidiaLinux 06-13-03 06:38 AM

OpenGL spaned over 2 Cards
Does anybodyknow how you can use a dual head AGP graphics card and an pci single head (same chip) to get triple display OpenGL??

Is this feature going to be included in future drivers?
Does it need a kernel hack?
Think nVidia is goin' to make something like a "triple-view" enhancement over the (realy good) twinview feature.?

Thunderbird 06-13-03 07:19 AM

When you make a big desktop out of multiple cards you use "Xinerama". The nvidia drivers don't like this much and only ONE card gets OpenGL support. There's nothing you can do about that.

nVidiaLinux 06-13-03 07:26 AM

I know that
I know that that's the current situation. But what I really want to know is if it's possible? Can drivers like this be developed? Is it even possible to span OpenGL over two card, or is opengl restricted to one device

This all is independend of nVidia's drivers.

Maybe it requires a new layer in the rendering of graphic. :confused: I really don't know.

Thunderbird 06-13-03 07:29 AM

I don't know where the problems lies. But I suspect that it lies by GLX (the GL extension for X) which only supports GL on one card at the same time but not sure ...

If you make all the screens use a seperate X screen (using the new "twinview" way on the twinview card or just normal twinview ) and another normal X screen, you can have GL on all 3 screens. Only you can't move windows from screen 1 to screen 2 ..... but you can move the mouse.

nVidiaLinux 06-13-03 07:45 AM

Thats right but according to the readme that comes with the nvidia drivers OpenGL HW Accel is restricted to 1 of the 2 X screens at any time.
I say 1 of 2 because twinview makes the dual display appear as one X screen.
So I would be able to have openGL on my pci card (single display) or my agp card (dual display). Not on both at the same time.
This option would greatly improve the gaming on my linux box.

Triple screen UT2003,q1,q2,q3, RTCW (DOOM3 later this year) and off course tetris.....

thanks for thinking with me

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