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tspinillo 06-13-03 07:04 AM

Intel 865/875 Agp
Does the current driver (4363- NVAGP) work correctly with the new Intel 865/875 8X AGP chipset?

Is anyone here using one of these chipsets? Any



shassard 06-14-03 10:53 AM

Use 2.5.70 kernel
I'm pretty sure that you wont get I865/875 AGP support from either the 2.4 or nvagp.

I've downloaded a copy of kernel 2.5.70 with patch-2.5.70-bk19.bz2 from the snapshots directory and have found that their is support for I865/875 in the Intel AGP module.

Your best bet is to try out the Intel AGP in 2.5.70 and go from there ..

If I get the chance, I'll try that out today and respond ..

shassard 06-14-03 11:24 AM

okay, so I compiled the 2.5.70-bk19 kernel, pulled my IDE HD out of my I850e (P4T533-C) box and dropped it in my I875 (P4C800) box with a Geforce FX 5600.

I booted in the new kernel, applied the patches to the NVIDIA_kernel module from http://www.minion.de/ and modified os-registry.c to turn on SBA + FW, compiled the module and started X.

I had a look at /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/card|host-bridge|status and it looks as though the card was running with AGP8X + FW, but no SBA.

I started up Wolf:ET and everything ran flawlessly.

The only bitch I have about the P4C800 is that the on-board 3com 940 gig-ethernet controller isn't support under the 2.5.70 kernel.

tspinillo 06-14-03 11:34 AM


Thanks! I had a feeling about the 2.5 kernel. Hopefully I'll be upgrading in the next few weeks. Maybe Nvidia will have a new driver with support for 2.4 also. I don't mind using 2.5 though.



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