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harinath 05-17-09 01:14 AM

mouse focus issues seemingly related to nvidia binary module
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I've been experiencing severe mouse focus problems on and off when using the nvidia binary module.

Some searching on the net found anecdotes of similar problems.

https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...ver/+bug/55739 (see last couple of comments)

Obviously it's hard to debug since I couldn't see an easy way to override an XGrabPointer (I'm not well versed in X, so there might be some blindingly obvious way to debug this). My current workaround is mainly right-clicking randomly till a menu pops up, which cures the pointer grab. If I'm lucky, the focus is to a window that I can close using the keyboard thus ungrabbing the pointer. If I'm unlucky, Alt-SysRq-K is the only option.

Current environment:

Debian unstable
Linux kernel 2.6.30-rc6
nvidia-glx 180.44-2
xserver-xorg-core 2:

Any pointers?

AaronP 05-17-09 02:38 PM

Re: mouse focus issues seemingly related to nvidia binary module
What makes you think this is the graphics driver's fault? It sounds to me like something in your desktop environment is grabbing the mouse, or your X server and/or its input drivers are buggy. The only way this could be related to the graphics driver would be if the screen were completely frozen, but it sounds like you can still interact with the system with the keyboard.

Does the problem still occur if you remove vbox? I've seen a number of reports from people running vbox and experiencing bizarre system instability problems.

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