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cthulhu 05-20-09 11:16 AM

9500GT fast enough for 1080i Advanced (2x, Hw) in MythTV?

I'd like to know from either nVidia or other users if the GeForce 9500GT is fast enough to do Temporal Spatial Deinterlacing (Advanced (2x, Hw)) on 1080i material in MythTV.

I'd like a card with HDMI and as low power consumption as possible. So far I've seen reports that 8600GT and 9600GT can do (2x, Hw) deinterlacing, but the 8600GT cards lack HDMI and the power consumption on the 9600GT is too high for my likings. Thus a 9500GT seems like the optimal choice, if I can get confirmation that it can do Advanced (2x, Hw) deinterlacing on 1080i material in MythTV.

I suppose that most material will be 1080i@25 (since I live in Europe), but I suspect I might encounter 1080i@30 material as well, though this may be unlikely.

Looking forward to hear about your experiences...

mlord 05-20-09 03:40 PM

Re: 9500GT fast enough for 1080i Advanced (2x, Hw) in MythTV?
I use a 9500GT fanless card (Sparkle, from newegg) here with MythTV, and it handles everything I can throw at it. Including advanced 2x temporal/spatial, plus inverse telecine (custom patch), on 1920x1080i 17mb/sec captures from over-the-air DTV (mpeg2). Looks great!

Plus other settings (noise reduction, sharpening) for playback of SD analog captures.


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