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styles-T 08-02-02 10:41 AM

Monthly Polls?
What ever happened to the Monthly Polls that used to be on the Main news page?

Was wondering if they are gone for good?

Surveys/Polls can be pretty interesting at times depending the question at hand.. =)

Matthyahuw 08-02-02 12:56 PM

I think that was Dave's job...Mike maybe needs to reset it back up first, along with the fav pics feature, I was going to take over the Favorite Pics, but the hacker took care of that too...

volt 08-02-02 01:29 PM

You could still take care of it, once it's setup. It was always fun to watch those once in for while.

styles-T 08-02-02 01:31 PM


Originally posted by d1rX
You could still take care of it, once it's setup. It was always fun to watch those once in for while.
I 2nd that..:cool:

DaveW 08-13-02 06:22 PM

After doing it for three years, I was slacking off updating it. I was also running out of ideas for the poll. VBB has a nice poll option anyway.

|JuiceZ| 08-14-02 12:31 PM

tru, but the fav pic one was koo though....

Bethsaida 08-30-02 05:46 PM

Why no more polls on nVnews?
It was interesting to see people's opinion about different stuff(be it the latest nvidia gpu or whatever).
Most of the polls were about stuf that i was really interested in and would like to see what other think.
I enjoyed the nVnews polls a lot .
Guys post your comments here,if we generate enough traffic
maybe nVnews will reconsider the matter.

Hope we get the polls back:):) :)

netviper13 08-30-02 05:56 PM

I'll save the mods some trouble:


But I do agree that we need to bring back the polls.

Bethsaida 08-30-02 06:36 PM

I actually used to believe that polls on thech www's are useful to the companies which products are being polled on(if).
Deffinitely the PR/marketing dept people should be checking them regularly.
So besides being curious about what other people think i believe they have a practical use too.

DaveW 08-30-02 08:58 PM

I have been thinking about bring back the poll. Here is why its not there now:

The poll script I was using sucked, the source code had to be manually edited to change the poll, and the results manually posted and stored. I had to type a dummy data file for the number of poll options in notepad every time I changed the poll. To be honest, after 3 years, changing the poll was becoming a major pain the butt.

I was looking for a better poll script but really didn't find something that suited our needs so I am writing my own. One thing the next poll will do is have extra code to keep the results more realistic e.g.

* each vote will generate a key (based in part on IP address) to prevent multiple voting.

* no more than x amount of votes (maybe 100) from each referring IP. This prevents other sites linking to our poll and telling all their visitors to vote a single way, which screws up the results.

volt 08-31-02 01:15 PM

If you want Dave, I have few polls. I think they are in cgi form as well as PHP :)

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