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Dragorep 05-22-09 07:38 AM

PCI 9400GT unstable VDPAU 150.53
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For some reason I cannot get this stable.
The CPU seems to be hogged by something also slowing things right down.
Assistance resolving the problem would be hugely appreciated.
Please also see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...0&goto=newpost
For some reason the HDD seems to thrash a lot. Also one sound channel is full of hiss, which makes no sense as the system was knwon to be working fine until the 9400GT was substituted and 9.04 was installed.

jeisom 05-22-09 09:42 AM

Re: PCI 9400GT unstable VDPAU 150.53
I was having stability problems with my 9400GT til I updated my kernel to
2.6.29. Since then I havn't had to reboot in 24 days. With 2.6.28 and my
GT it might last a half a day.



Dragorep 05-23-09 01:15 AM

Re: PCI 9400GT unstable VDPAU 150.53
Thank you Jonathan, I didn't know I cold do that, I upgraded to 2.6.29-02062903-generic
That has helped stop crashes.
Not sure why mythbuntu 9.04 still wont play smoothly and why (only) one sound channel is full of hiss. Perhaps these issues are not related to the NVIDIA problems?
Need to get JYA's VDPAU running may help. VLC plays a H264 720x400 stream at about 75% CPU on an AMD 2400, also with the sound hiss problem.

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