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Peterix 05-24-09 12:22 AM

Incorrent information in ~/.nvidia-settings-rc leads to system crashes
Related to this thread:

So, the computer stopped crashing after I deleted ~/.nvidia-settings-rc . This leads me to believe, that it isn't checked for correctness before it's used.

1. I use a recent kernel and the EXT4 filesystem.
2. EXT4 tends to lose data in case of sudden reboot or power failure (there was a long thread about it on LKML).
3. I swapped my old geforce 7600 for a 9600 without deleting ~/.nvidia-settings-rc , This made my computer crash unpredictably and also caused the nvidia settings app to interfere with video playback.
4. 1.,2. and 3. lead to a lot of lost files (set to 0 byte length to be specific). Mostly KDE configuration files. Thankfully, I keep all the important stuff elsewhere.
5. This can be used by a malicious local user to damage files of other users, make the computer reboot randomly, etc. It's a security problem.
6. Same thing can happen when migrating user accounts to a different system.

I think this should be fixed. The sooner, the better.

castor 05-24-09 06:55 AM

Re: Incorrent information in ~/.nvidia-settings-rc leads to system crashes
Yep, happened to me too in a 7600/9600 swap.

AaronP 05-24-09 02:57 PM

Re: Incorrent information in ~/.nvidia-settings-rc leads to system crashes
Thanks for reporting this. For us to be able to determine what's wrong, please try to identify exactly which attribute in nvidia-settings-rc was causing the problem. You can assign them one by one by running 'nvidia-settings -a attribute=value'

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