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lock_load 06-13-03 08:23 PM

unable to find ld
dear Andy,
when i'm trying to install linux driver 1.0.4363 for my GF4TI4200 on RH 8.0, the following error message has occured :
unable to find the system utility 'ld', you have to install the binutils package, if you do have install the binutils package make sure the ld its in your PATH.

so what should I do? (i'm a newbie in linux)


bwkaz 06-13-03 08:51 PM

Amazingly enough, you do what the error message says to do. ;)

Your distro CDs have a package named binutils on them somewhere. Install that package.

Actually, you might be better off restarting your installer (by booting to your distro's CD 1), selecting "upgrade" when it asks, and choosing to install all the development packages. Because if you don't have binutils, you probably also don't have gcc, or your kernel sources, and you might need those. :)

Installing all the development packages will take space, but it's better to do it that way than fight with dependencies forever.

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