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vitocorleone 08-30-02 07:36 PM

geforce4go 440 and win2k
So I've got a spankin' new Dell for work that has the GF4GO 440 and I can't find software that'll force the refresh (I can force it D3D in DXDiag). RivaTuner doesn't work. Can't seem to get the latest Powerstrip shareware to work. RefreshForce/Lock doesn't work... I'm using Win2kSP3 and I'm stumped. Be a real shame not to be able to play OGL games. Any ideas? Thanks.

I'm using the latest Dell drivers (based on the 28.xx) and don't particularly want to use generic ones unless someone can guarantee I won't lose the necessary laptop controls included.

saturnotaku 08-30-02 10:39 PM

Since you're running a laptop, you don't need a refresh fix for it. With my notebook's specs listed below, it's quite content to run at 60 Hz. I have no problems, especially when I'm staring at that screen for probably about 5-6 hours a day at work.

vitocorleone 08-31-02 01:28 AM

yes, it dawned on me that I can play using the LCD quite nicely. however, that doesn't solve the problem when using a CRT via the docking station.... maybe sometime the refresh rate prob will be fixed (gives me a headache).

btw/fyi - for anyone interested, i get in the neighborhood of 4500 3dmarks on the Dell P4 1.8GHz w/1 gig RAM on win2ksp3 (not tweaked for 3d speed) with the geforce4go 440 32mb using the latest Dell drivers (based on 28.xx).

I'll have to give those xpower drivers a whirl - hope they don't screw up the normal laptop functionality....

vitocorleone 09-03-02 03:30 PM


Any further suggestions/help? Is there a way to force refresh rate in win2k for OGL games like there is for D3D games (providing they respect the DxDiag setting)? Thanks.

saturnotaku 09-03-02 03:38 PM

Hrm, not too sure about that. Try using Refresh Force when your CRT is hooked up. Make sure you select the CRT instead of the LCD when you want to set your refresh rates. Other than that I can't think of anything else offhand.

And don't worry about D-Force drivers messing up your system. They're working great on mine - no complaints whatsoever.

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