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ALMO 06-14-03 09:52 AM

Newbie needs advice
I just installed Mandrake 7.0 on my computer, and I ran into the common problem - the version that I have is not compatible with the hardware that I am using (with regards to network and sound). Fortunately, I find that Nvidia has come out with the tar file that *could* possibly be used....but alas, I have kernal 2.14....

So, I managed to install Linux Kernel 2.4.0 (after about 16 hours....Linux was not designed for the newbie huh? ) however I am finding that there are some files that appear to be missing from my system. In particualar, I am missing mii.h and himem.h . There are two others that make couldn't find, but I found them located in a different directory altogether.

My question.....am I wasting my time with this particular version (Mandrake 7.0) or can the Nvidia drivers be installed successfuly?

Thanks for any help you can offer me.


LordMorgul 06-14-03 12:12 PM

I wouldn't go to the effort, since you will likely find many other programs and drivers which also cause you lots of headache, and newer distro would ease that alot.

As far as I know, it will eventually work, but you're piecing together a distro by yourself in order to get what you need.

Thunderbird 06-14-03 12:34 PM

Really don't waste your time on Mandrake 7.0. It is about 3 years old or more.. The kernel that is needed is 2.2.12 or higher, so the kernel version is enough. The real problem with 7.0 is that it uses Xfree86 3.x and 4.x is needed. But really upgrade to a newer distro (if Mandrake take 9.1), it is SO old ...

ALMO 06-14-03 12:47 PM

Thank you both
I kinda thought this would be the case.....

I will upgrade to Mandrake 9.1 to solve the problem.

Thanks again!


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