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spotscanner 06-01-09 12:37 PM

ImageVis3D crashes Suse 11.1 with GeForec 8800GT
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Running either the pre-compiled 32-bit or locally compiled 64 bit version of Imagevis3d (a real time volume rendering package from the Sci Institute, U. of Utah)
crashes 64 bit Suse 11.1 (and 11.0). The computer enters the video card and bios POST and reboots.

The system contains a GeForce 8800GT with 1G memory.
uname -a returns "Linux cmflnx8103.med.buffalo.edu #1 SMP 2009-03-31 14:50:44 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"
nvidia driver version is 180.51 with GLX version 1.4

After conferring with the software author and employing several suggested configuration changes the software continues to crash the computer after loading a dataset and opening the render window. Surface rendered data does not crash, but the moment any interaction with render window during volume rendering occurs, the system goes down.
Glxgears runs fine as does other volume rendering software which employs opengl and hardware volume rendering.

I've attached the nvidia-bug-report.log and this is a link to the thread on the iv3d-users list where I first reported the problem (https://lists.sci.utah.edu/sympa/arc.../msg00010.html).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Wade J. Sigurdson, Ph.D.
Director, Confocal Microscope and Flow Cytometry Facility

Voice - 716-829-3589
FAX - 716-829-3589

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