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NeoGeo 07-29-02 08:46 AM

serial ata
has anyone heard much about Abts new serial ata motherboard? Abit have the IT7-Max 2 out, which basically just adds a black PCB and serial ata. Serial ATA is supposed to rock, but I've never seen a serial ata hard drive for sale!!

PCarr78 07-29-02 08:49 AM

I want a REAL s-ata RAID controller

SavagePaladin 07-29-02 09:05 AM

the products aren't really out yet, I'm waiting for em....IDE is a pain in the ass :|

NeoGeo 07-29-02 09:07 AM

goto www.abit.com.tw you will find the new Serial ATA board on their, but yeah i dont think the hard drives are out yet...

PCarr78 07-29-02 09:14 AM

They are not, and they may not be for a while.

Matthyahuw 07-29-02 10:03 AM

There is one SATA HDD out now (or will shortly be out), but it's from some manufacturer no one's ever heard of, and I don't think anyone's willing to take a risk like that jumping on some unknown company's drive...

PCarr78 07-29-02 11:38 AM

Cant be worse than IBM drives, can it?

SavagePaladin 07-29-02 07:30 PM

Seagate is bringing one out this fall, I'll be tempted to pick it up (Seagate Barracuda V, with 8 megs cache :) )

PCarr78 07-29-02 07:41 PM

Will it use fluid bearings?

Ive used a fujitsu drive with those.

REALLY quiet drive... even at seek

NeoGeo 07-29-02 07:43 PM

any idea of the performance from that ? gotta be quite a beast surely :D

PCarr78 07-29-02 07:47 PM

It won't be much better than today's 7200rpm ata-100 or 133 drives.

NeoGeo 07-29-02 07:52 PM

whys that then!? the Abit board out with the serial ata support provides upto 1.5Gbits/sec bandwidth! thats quite a bit!!!

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