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arundel 06-09-09 07:14 AM

hi there,

any reason vdpau.h and vdpau_x11.h only get installed into /usr/X11R6/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0 and NOT into /usr/X11R6/include/vdpau? at least that's the place where mplayer looks for the files to check for vdpau support.


zander 06-09-09 12:41 PM

Re: vdpau.h/vdpau_x11.h
I don't believe there's a good technical reason why the header files are not installed in the host file system. I believe originally, it wasn't clear where gl.h/etc. should be installed, and few developers relied on them on FreeBSD. I'll make a note to revisit this for a future driver release.

arundel 07-26-09 04:53 AM

Re: vdpau.h/vdpau_x11.h
@zander: just wanted to let you know that this issue still exists in 190.18. would be great if you could change the Makefile in the next upcoming releaseso the vdpau header files get installed into the right place.

the problem with linux apps crashing has finally been solved with 190.18. i guess you are now shipping a different version of the libnvidia-tls.so (linux library). just out of curiosity: what are "tls_test" and "tls_test_dso.so" in obj/linux/tls for?


zander 07-26-09 09:19 AM

Re: vdpau.h/vdpau_x11.h
Unfortunately, I hadn't had a chance to follow up on the header installation. I filed a bug to make sure we don't forget.

As to the Linux NVIDIA TLS library: we ship two libnvidia-tls libraries on Linux, a new-style ELF one and a classic one. Which one (or which set) is installed depends on the host - the tls_test* binaries determine this (they've been used by `nvidia-installer` on Linux for a long time now).

Traditionally, we only shipped the classic NVIDIA TLS library on FreeBSD, which no longer works with modern FreeBSD/linux_base combinations. We now also ship both libraries on FreeBSD and use the same test program to determine which to install.

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