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nekrosoft13 06-09-09 06:07 PM

Atari’s secret weapon – Neverwinter Nights ?
A couple of weeks ago, we posted word that recent Atari acquisition Cryptic Studios was working on breathing life into several Atari legacy titles. Now we’ve got a few more details to share.

Sources tell us that the developer is working on a massively multiplayer online (MMO) version of “Neverwinter Nights” with an eyed 2011 release.

Details about the project are unavailable, naturally, as it is an unannounced title. But this reportedly was the primary reason Atari was interested in acquiring Cryptic late last year. (The developer is currently working on “Champions Online” and “Star Trek Online”.)

Based on the third edition Dungeon and Dragons rules, “NWN” is a well-loved franchise. The first installment of the role-playing game was developed by fan-favorite Bioware in 2002. A sequel, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, came out in 2006 to slightly less favorable, but still solid, reviews.

Part of what made the game unique was its robust multiplayer component. Many players built persistent worlds, capable of hosting up to 75 players – in essence, mini MMOs of their own.

The new game represents a very big bet for Atari – perhaps as big as the company’s continued existence.

MMOs take a lot of time to develop properly and cost a lot of money to create. And Atari’s cashflow problems are well known. The company could currently be financing the game with the recent sale of its of a sales, marketing and retail distribution business to Namco Bandai.

Once it’s finished, though, things get even harder, as the “Neverwinter Nights” MMO will face some stiff competition.

“World of Warcraft” holds the dominant position in the MMO genre by a country mile, with over 10 million subscribers. The MMO graveyard is filled with titles that have tried to go up against it (see “The Matrix Online,” “Tabula Rasa,” etc.)

Additionally, with Bioware now owned by Electronic Arts, the company will not have any hand in the game’s creation, which could cause doubt among the franchise’s fans.

What say you? Does a “Neverwinter Nights” MMO hold appeal for you? And does Bioware’s lack of involvement make you wary? Sound off in the comments below.


if this will be pay to play it will fail, if it will be free to play it has some chances.

|MaguS| 06-09-09 06:43 PM

Re: Atari’s secret weapon – Neverwinter Nights ?
Hmm... I don't know if it would work well in an MMO setting. DDO was fun but got so boring.

And with only 30 levels (or 20 if they use 3.5 rule set) that doesn't offer players much room. I mean with players not hitting max level in WoW in less then a week sometimes DnD wouldn't have a chance of holding todays players.

Badboy_12345 06-10-09 12:36 AM

Re: Atari’s secret weapon – Neverwinter Nights ?
If its anything like DDO then it will die fast.
The problem with DDO is how it works. The quests are great, amazing and story driven with an narrator but then you see that you need to grind the same quests 10000000000 times to lvl so you can go to the next zone and grind the other quests 1000000000 times to lvl.

It just gets ****ing boring

Zelda_fan 06-10-09 11:26 PM

Re: Atari’s secret weapon – Neverwinter Nights ?
The classes in Neverwinter Nights are not NEARLY balanced enough for a MMO. If you know what you are doing you can create a "god" class that is literally unstoppable. They would have to alter the D&D rules pretty severely to make this work.

Level this character up in NWN2 and see what I mean

You can kill most things in 1 hit and most bosses in like 3 hits. It's sick.

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