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Ruined 06-10-09 08:47 AM

GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Hey guys. Its been a while since I last upgraded.

Currently, I have at stock speeds:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700
eVGA 8800GTS 640mb Superclocked
Intel DG965WH motherboard
Seasonic S12-500w power supply
Resolution I will be running is 1650x1080

I am interested in GeForce Vision for WOW. I heard its pretty cool, and I enjoyed 3-D back in the day with SimulEyes and the like.

Now, looking at my PC and limited budget, it appears the GTX 285 is the best bet. I was able to get the BFG 285 GTX OC for $305 shipped which seems like a good deal. Of course I would have liked a 295 but it is a lot more expensive, my PSU can't hack it, and my PCI-E slots are not 2.0. So 285 looks like the smartest without a whole PC rebuild.

Question: Putting the 285 GTX into my above rig, how will it run with GeForce Vision and WOW? I am aware that the 3-D penalty is around ~50%, but WOW is not super graphic intensive. I would like to hear some opinions before I drop cash on it.

ChrisRay 06-10-09 08:59 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
WoW is probably one of the best games for Geforce Vision support. It adds alot of dimension and depth too it. And it supports it seemlessly. A single GTX 285 should be adequate provided your using one of the samsung 1680x1080 monitors with 120 Hz. If you are using a high res DLP monitor. It might not be sufficient. 3D Vision can invoke a pretty heavy performance hit even in WoW.

My suggestion for WoW 3D Vision Settings:

16x CSAA
16xAF High Quality
Transparency Multisampling
Ambient Occlusion: Off.


Dependent on your CPU. IE if you intend to overclock or not. Might be wise to adjust crowd clutter and viewing distances down a notch.

sammy sung 06-10-09 09:23 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 2026446)
Will my Quad SLI 295s and i7 965 be enough to push WOW on my DLP ;)

NO !! :p

ChrisRay 06-10-09 09:45 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Nope. Quad SLI Does not work with Geforce 3D Vision you'd have to go back to a single 295 or you'd end up with performance half of a single 295.

Ruined 06-10-09 10:09 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Maybe I'll give it a go...

Does anyone know of a retailer selling the samsung/glasses kit for a decent price? They all seem pretty close to MSRP on this one.

ChrisRay 06-11-09 03:41 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
You do understand that you just proved my point with that screenshot. That is 4 Way SFR. = Non Optimal SLI Rendering. SLI uses AFR solutions these days. SFR will always slow your framerates down to that of a single GPU due to the way games are rendered these days.

Yes you can have Stereoscopic drivers enabled using Quad SLI. But it comes with this penalty.

1) No control of your SLI profiles. All games will run in 4 way SFR ((= Dog performance in 90% of games))

2) Split Frame Rendering: No AFR. No accelerated performance of Quad SLI.

3) Games will not use NVidia's prebuilt SLI Rendering profiles.

So no. Quad SLI and Geforce 3D Vision do not work together. The fact that you can enable them together does not mean they function correctly. If you are using Quad SLI with 3D Vision. You will be getting the performance of a single GTX 275 in all your apps 95% of the time. You are far better off taking out your second GTX 295 if you want to use 3D Vision because AFR and profiles work properly. It appears to work but the reality is it doesnt. Nvidia even states that Quad Sli and 3 Way SLI are currently unspported.. It is unfortunate you did not know ahead of time. However they are going to eventually support 3 way and quad SLI properly.

ChrisRay 06-11-09 11:12 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision

your statement was that Quad SLI did not work which has me confused since it looked like it via the indicators
Quad SLI and 3D Vision doesnt work. Its not just that AFR doesnt work. ((which is already pretty damned important)), Its that the profiling system doesnt work at all either. Profiling and AFR are the backbone to working SLI system. Hence it doesn't work. I can see how this would be confusing and wanted to clarify. If all you got was SFR and no profiling in standard SLI without Geforce 3D Vision. I'd say it didnt work too.

Quad SLI and 3D Vision is broken. But like I said. Nvidia has already said they dont currently support the platform. And will in the future.

As far as new news regarding Quad/3Way and 3Dvision. It requires syncing frames with the divided screen layout. ((which is why SFR works despite how useless it is)). So it's gonna take some development time.


SirPauly 06-11-09 12:40 PM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Personally enjoy WoW with GeForce 3d Vision and there is a leap in immersion -- every grass blade, tree branch, leaf, model, particle effects, virtually everything looks much different in 3d stereo than a 2d screen.

Personally use x8 to x16 CSAA with multi-sampling or super-sampled TA -- it depends on what area I am questing or instance.

It's not perfection but very nice when tweaked to find the right balance of depth and pop-out utilizing depth separation and convergence -- but does raise the bar very much so and there is no way can play WoW without it.

Ruined 06-15-09 10:25 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
So I've been playing WOW in 2D with this new 285 GTX 1GB card. I have to say, the difference is significant but not massive from my previous 8800GTS 640mb. I can now run with all options to max except shadows, which causes ~20fps dips in Dalaran if it is at 100%. Although, once every 30mins or so I get a strange 1s stutter.

I don't think that I'm CPU limited as I have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700, which is a pretty beefy CPU.

So, I'm wondering what options I would have to disable to play in 3-D if I can't put shadows to max in 2-D. Obviously shadows will have to be at 90%, I want to try to keep draw distance to max as to not miss anything... I wonder how it would run, as I'm quite sensitive to framerates. Getting cold feet, especially since the 3-D combo available costs $600 and is the same size monitor that I currently have... Was hoping for a 24" at least for that price.

ChrisRay 06-18-09 05:52 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Do you have ambient occlusion enabled?

Muppet 06-20-09 02:48 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
Just Bought the Glasses and the Samsung today. Very cool effects. It like all my old games are new again. :D

GitDat 08-16-09 06:07 AM

Re: GTX 285 + GeForce Vision
My GTX 280 worked fine with Geforce 3D Vision but now my GTX 295 seems to flicker every few seconds. The glasses go bright instead of staying dark (in 3D) is what is causing the flickering.

I've tried only using 1 GPU on the GTX 295 but that doesn't seem to help :(

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