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elven 06-15-03 11:28 PM

Tweaking nvidia TNT2
Hi. Need some advice if its possible. I found these programs for tweaking nvidia tnt2 graphic cards at http://www.pchardware.ro/Download/index.php?catid=8 and was wondering what your thoughts are. Are they realiable? I downlaoded two programs but I'm sorta a bit reluctant to install them..

Don't ask why I'm still using TNT2, because I'll just answer by saying that I cant afford to buy a new graphics card just yet ;)

So am I taking the right steps here or should I try different ways of tweaking my graphics card? I have 256 megs of ram but only 896 mhz of cpu and my pc REALLY needs a performance boost.

PlasmaSMP 06-15-03 11:47 PM

Even if you were able to overclock it 10-20%, it would be of no benefit in current games. Sorry.

Uttar 06-16-03 12:13 AM

Well, of course, if he can't buy a new GPU, then even a 10% boost might make the games he already can barely play work maybe pretty much alright. So even if it can't do miracle ( $60 for a GFFX 5200 would be a good buy IMO, but yes, $60 isn't nothing in many cases ) , well, it'd still be better than nothing! :)

And yes, NVMAX is a reliable program.


ragejg 06-16-03 12:14 AM

that 10-20% may help in games like Unreal Tournament, Quake3, NOLF, Aliens vs. Predator, and NOLF, tho, just to name a few...

Any yweaks you can give that card will help... btw is that a PURE TNT2, or a TNT2 m64?


elven 06-16-03 12:28 AM

Hey, thanks for the replies guys.

I'm using Aladin TNT2 which is one of the earlier versions I think. So Ill have to get myself a new GC sooner or later. You're all right about that (about playing new games, I'll need a better card). But for the time being all I need is about 5-10% of extra performance boost to play NeverWinterNights and SoldierOfFortune.

Already Ive found this guide to be very usefull - http://www.planethardware.com/featur.../nvidia_tweak/ I have NView and never realized how easily performance can be improved by simply changing a few check-boxes. Also by adding an extra key in RegEdit to enable over-clocking was something a little extra which seemed to work well. AND I found that NView was configured at 32 bit default when it should be at 16 bit... so yeah. Alls good. :)

Thanks Utter, if I continue to experience probs I'll give NVmax a try.

StealthHawk 06-16-03 02:38 AM

There really isn't much tweaking that can be done on a TNT2. The short answer is that you will have to tweak individual games, and lower settings until you find an acceptable mix of graphics quality and speed.

elven 06-16-03 04:04 AM

Yep. After a lengthy period of gameplay, I came to realize that the tweaks were only good for 'loading times' between stages. Stages are loading much quicker. But the games are still running slow, or choppy.

Also, I tried installing NVmax but the installer keeps telling me that I need to install the latest detonar drivers (20 or higher), but I allready have Detonar 40 version 44.03 installed. Anyway...

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