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nekrosoft13 06-13-09 04:43 PM

Obsidian Working on Yet Another Game
GB: Aside from the Aliens RPG, Alpha Protocol, and Fallout: New Vegas, do you have any other unannounced titles in development? If so, how long have you been actively developing the title(s)?

Feargus: We have been working on another title for the last four months that we can't talk about yet. It's going really well though and the team is really excited. It's using our own internal engine so we are really able to do things our way based upon everything we've learned about making RPGs in the past ten to fifteen years. Don't take that as a silent slam on Unreal - it's not. Our engine, like Unreal, is a tool and different jobs can be done better with tools that are made for them. There are things that our engine may never do as well as Unreal, but likewise there are things that our engine will do that will be better than Unreal.

full interview here


NarcissistZero 06-13-09 06:45 PM

Re: Obsidian Working on Yet Another Game
Honestly my experience with Obsidian games is limited... I never played KotOR 2, and never got far in Neverwinter 2...

nekrosoft13 06-13-09 07:38 PM

Re: Obsidian Working on Yet Another Game
you really should give NWN2 second try, the first part (more like tutorial) might be a bit blant, but it really picks up later.

Atomizer 06-13-09 11:47 PM

Re: Obsidian Working on Yet Another Game
Yeah I agree, NWN2 was by far the better NWN, and was a great game once you got passed the oversized tutorial.
Kotor1 and 2 were both great games aswell, though out of all the title Obsidian are working on, none of them really interest me, except maybe the Aliens RPG, could be good

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