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SteveL 06-16-03 09:55 AM

Just wondering if anyone esle is having 'slow' access to the main news page. For the past couple of days it is taking approx. 20 seconds for the front page to appear.

Is this just me or is anyone else having the same problem.. ??

Then again, this site is sooooo good i'd probably wait 30 minutes if I had to :D :afro2: :D

EDIT : The forums appear to be working fine and am not getting any slowdowns whilst browsing

The Baron 06-16-03 09:58 AM

No problem here. Might be a DNS thing.

SteveL 06-16-03 09:59 AM

Wow, now that's what you call a speedy reply :D

Could also be my ISP, will try a few different proxies and see if it makes any difference.

Thanks for the response sir ;)

MikeC 06-16-03 10:43 PM

There was a problem with the service we use to keep track of the number of visitors on-line.


The service is back up now, but it's always reporting 30 visitors online. Even at their web site :)

SteveL 06-17-03 05:46 PM

Thanks for the feedback Mike, as of today the front page is appearing (almost) instantaneously again.

Now I can get my 'fix' that little bit quicker :smoking2:

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