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DansFace 06-16-09 04:19 PM

setFSB, Windows 7, and sound issues!
I use setFSB to overclock my dell xps 420...I'm not going to go into details to why I have a dell so just leave that out..

When I ran vista I had no problems using setFSB to overclock my Q6600 to 3.0GHZ, but now using windows 7 when I do it I get odd sound errors.

for example in riddick all the charaters voices sound like chipmunk voices but everything else sounds fine.., in stalker all the charaters voices cut out before they finish talking but all the other effect sounds are fine, and now in DMC4 all the voices and sounds in the cutscenes are delayed by almost 5 seconds, but during game play.. no issues

This only starts when I overclock in windows 7.. It does it both through my ATI 4870 HDMI sound and my X-FI sound card.

Any ideas guys?

DansFace 06-17-09 11:21 AM

Re: setFSB, Windows 7, and sound issues!
you guys as stumped as I am? :P

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