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habo 06-16-03 11:11 AM

Toshiba Sat. 1950 and nvidia
Hi all,

Just got a Toshiba Satellite 1950-801 with a GeForce4 460 Go g-card and a 16" screen.

a) Started with driver version ...4363 that compiles and loads Ok (both kernel mod.if and driver).
When starting X, however, the screen is just garbage.

b) Stepped down to driver version ...4349 that kind of works.
The problem with this driver is as follows:
Running mode 1280x1024 it seems Ok. When switching to any other mode (like 1024x768)
only part of the screen is used. Right hand side black and bottom filled up by part of the top window.
Have tried a lot of XF86Config variants, all with the same outcome.

N:B. It works fine with the vesa dirver.

Any one having some hints on how to fix this problem.


Penumnbra 06-16-03 11:33 AM

Same Same
I have the exact same problem with 4363 on my 1955. I just got the laptop, so I'm going to try backing off to 4349 like you did.

BTW: The black borders are normal for LCD displays. It's better to have each pixel rasterized to an lcd element than try to spread pixels across lcd boundaries. That usually looks washed out, thin, and weak.

EDIT: I just reverted back to the 4349 drivers, and now I see the black bars you mean.. VERY annoying! There's a terrible overscan problem with this laptop when you're not using it's full LCD display size. BUT -- at least the driver initializes without blooming the screen!

Stealth 08-21-03 12:08 AM

My Toshiba 1950-801
I changed to 4349 too, and worked OK. But I'd like to say that the original problem (related, of course, to the driver) is an error in the refresh handling. I tried to plug an external monitor (21") and worked Ok with 4496 and 4363 (glxinfo showed direct rendering usging driver nvidia).

Why is that working with an older version and not with the newer ones?!?!?

And of course that bars in a resolution different to 1280 are annoying :P

Thank you for the change of driver idea...


Gutko 09-08-03 01:38 AM

I have this Toshiba 1950-801 too for about 4 months. I have the same probelm! Only working version for me is 4346 with NVreg_Mobile=2 in modules.conf, and Option "IgnoreEDID" "1" in XF86Config. But only in 1280x1024. Trying to set any lower res causes screen corruption.
And I did not managed to run 4496 at all!!!!! Even with same options as 4346 screen is corrupted....

Andy please help us...................

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